Exotic Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer - Incredible, Implausible, Inconceivable

If you haven't seen the exquisite sand dunes in Jaisalmer, you haven't seen anything!! The "land of sand" is famous internationally for its majestic forts, interesting lifestyle, and friendly people. These are the greatest attractions in Jaisalmer that allures tourists from distant corners of the world. Rising from the heart of splendid Thar Desert like a magnificent jewel, Jaisalmer evokes a brilliant picture of sheer excellence and magic of desert. Visit this glorious town and experience the brilliance of the golden desert, renowned havelis and architectural splendours.

Sand Dunes:

When it comes to sand dunes, two prominent names strike the mind - Sam sand dunes and Khuri. Situated 42 km on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, Sam is famous for its ravishing yellow sand and mountain-high sand dunes. There is no point visiting the majestic Thar Desert, if you don't experience an exotic desert safari. And this is why Sam sand dunes are becoming exceptionally popular these days. This is the best place where you can let go your mind and soul in the bountiful vivacious and appeal of the great Thar Desert.

Khuri sand dunes are also slowly picking up in the must visit list of the tourists, which is famous for utmost serenity and mesmerizing heights. If Sam seems to be little overcrowded, this is the best alternative to enjoy the splendors of true desert life.

Desert Attractions:

Sand dunes in Jaisalmer are becoming the major attractions for tourists, with a magnificent stretch of splendid dunes, with sparse vegetation. And the best way to explore this natural beauty is on a camel safari. Book a luxury 6 Emirates tours in one Day camel safari on your Jaisalmer tour and ride along the exquisite crests and troughs. Enjoy the solitude and romance as the camel takes you to mesmerizing heights of the Thar Desert. Book a desert camp and experience the magnificence, as these dunes change their hue with passage of time in a day. Say goodbye as the sun sets behind the splendid crimson red sand dunes.

Jaisalmer Fort - A Brief Guide

Built in the 12th century, the Jaisalmer Fort is regarded as one of the most splendid and invincible forts in India. This magnificent fort was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal during 1156 A.D, and derives its name from the king. Standing proudly amidst the spectacular golden stretches of Thar Desert, this is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. There is a distinctive gadget hoisted on the crest of the fort's walls, and was used to predict the weather. The subtle blend of Islamic and Rajput architectural style will definitely catch your fancy, which looks stunning during the night.

The Jaisalmer fort is a mesmerizing 250 feet tall architectural efficacy that is imposed by crenellated sandstone walls and 99 bastions. Some of the greatest attractions of the fort are Hawa Pol, Suraj Pol, Akshya Pol and Ganesh Pol.


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